Smoothie Diet

Are you looking for a diet plan that lets you drink delicious and healthy fruit smoothies?  Drink Your Meals offers you a number of healthy smoothie diet recipes you can drink to help manage your weight.   In addition, you can create your own smoothie diet recipes with the online recipe builder featured on the Drink Your Meals website.  This unique smoothie diet plan uses only fresh unprocessed natural ingredients to help you create a nutritional diet.


Each smoothie diet recipe is designed to provide you with the exact number of calories you need at each mealtime.  It is similar to liquid diet plans, but instead of mixing processed powders, you get to drink healthy fruit smoothies.  The Drink Your Meals fruit smoothie diet is ideally suited for individuals with swallowing problems or for those looking for an alternative to liquid meal replacements.


In addition to helping you control calories, each smoothie diet recipe is also Zone Balanced.  Meaning each healthy fruit smoothie provides 30 percent of its calories from fat, 30 percent of its calories from protein and 40 percent of its calories from carbohydrate.  The Zone balanced nutritional plan will help you control both hunger and blood sugar.

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