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If you haven't done it yet go to Member Home, My Profile, Edit and enter your daily calorie total and choose a weight goal category.  Save it and go to My Plan, Menu Preference, choose number of snacks and % of each meal to determine calories per meal.  Save it and you're ready to begin building daily menus.  Drink Your Meals will automatically scale every recipe to meet your daily meal calories. 

To create your own recipes go to Recipes, Create A Recipe.  The ingredient list consists of mostly fresh food items culled from the USDA database.  You can choose DYM approved ingredients or all ingredients to make your recipes.  Recipes made with DYM approved ingredients and are Zone balanced (40-30-30) can be saved for Public viewing by other members, otherwise you can save them as Private.  Or you can choose from the hundreds of Public recipes provided by DYM and other members.  Bon Appetit!

Check out our  You Tube Video from Chef Mike on the Right Kitchen Equipment & Strawberry Slider!



Liquid Hope is a whole food meal replacement. It is organic and nutritionally dense. One 12 ounce pouch contains 440 calories and 20 grams of protein. It is high in fiber and a good source of vitamins A, C and D, iron, calcium and magnesium.

To learn more visit their website: Functional Formularies

We are pleased to announce that Real Food Blends™ products have been approved by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) for code B4149.

Having a HCPCS code does not imply automatic reimbursement but it does indicate recognition of the product as appropriate for consideration for reimbursement in the tube feeding category.

Read more here

Another great blog post from the Traveling Tubie. He shares his experience with the newest real food tube feeding formula RealFood Blends.

The Blog of the Traveling Tubie: Product Endorsement

Our own Jesse Jones guest blogs on Lucy's Real Food for the Tube. Jesse talks about his life before tube feeding and how soon after getting his g-tube he started blending.

Traci Nagy, founder of Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation, talks about her son Lucas Cinkay, 5, who has been using a feeding tube since he was two-months-old, April 3, 2014 in their Forest Hills home.

Click here to watch video

I will discuss the need to keep our work area clean as well as the proper handling of food. Simple steps can ensure your meals are prepared free of any unwanted or harmful substances. Because we advocate the use of Organic vegetables, proper cleaning is especially important. We must beware of insects who like to hitch a ride!

Having the proper equipment is a necessary beginning -- a sharp Chef's Knife, cutting board(s), a large bowl for the GSE water (see below), a scrub brush, a sanitizing product with bleach, a sponge, and paper towels. Before beginning to cook
, I like to wipe the sink and prep area down with the sanitizing spray. Be sure to throughly rinse the sink and wipe the counter afterward. DYM recommends the use of Plastic Cutting Boards which are widely available. They are easy to use and clean. You may decide to use two, one for vegetables/fruit and the other for meat/fish. This will eliminate the chance of any cross contamination. 

A key step in preparing our Meals is soaking the vegetables/fruit in water containing GSE. GSE is short for Grapefruit Seed Extract and is a solution we add to a large bowl of water. It kills molds and bacteria on contact. The amount used will depend on the size of your bowl. See the supplied instructions for details. After soaking you can choose to rinse your vegetables/fruit or not. This step is especially important when making a "Raw" recipe. 

For certain root vegetables such as carrots and  potatoes
, a scrub brush may be needed for a thorough cleaning. DYM recommends leaving the skin on your vegetables and fruits whenever possible, as the skin often contains the most nutrition. However, be sure to scrub the skin well.

Now we have our ingredients clean and ready to cut. To avoid any chance of cross contamination, cut all vegetables needed for a recipe first; throughly wash your cutting board with the sanitizing spray, and then rinse well. Next clean your knife.  Whether you have two separate cutting boards or have sanitized the one you've just used for your vegetables, you are ready to cut your meat or seafood.

After your Meal has been completed, you will want to clean all equipment. Proper storage of any surplus ingredients will ensure they stay fresh. DYM recommends bags made specially for keeping produce for your extra fruits and vegetables.

One last go-round with the sanitizing spray on the sink and counter
, and your kitchen is sanitized. DYM recommends you change your sponge weekly. Microwaving a damp sponge for 60 seconds helps sanitize it. Avoid using cloth towels as they are tough to keep germ free. 

Visit the DYM store for all your equipment needs.


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